Initiating Transformation

Transformation always entails change and means saying goodbye to what you’re used to.
It can make you uncomfortable at first, since it always takes a certain amount of time before you are comfortable in your new roles.

Even after establishing a detailed analysis, initiating real transformation frequently requires work over two to three sessions.

You may recognize the problem, but often fears and their related excuses rise up suddenly out of the swamp of the unconscious. It is the question of whether you are on the right path, and it can take the form of existential fears, or simply convenience and comfort in their various guises.

This material that surfaces will probably disturb you and impede your carefully prepared developmental steps. You want everything that’s blocking you to quickly disappear.

But the more pressure you put on it, the more will come out and the slower you will progress. So there is nothing else to do but peel off layer after layer of your concerns and then promptly move on.

Then actual transformation often seems like child’s play.


When the winds of change blow,
some people build walls to protect themselves,
while others build windmills.

Proverb of unknown origin