Creating Transparency

In the vernacular, knowledge of one’s self is the first step on the path to recovery.
The moment you gain insight into the cause of your symptoms is the moment that consciousness, and thus transformation, begins.

It is likely that in the first session you will gain an awareness that transcends the nominal problem we discuss, and therefore a deeper understanding of the relevant causes.

This alone is not a transformation, but it allows you to look toward the future in a more relaxed way as you’ll know in which direction the transformation lies.

The next step is a detailed cognitive and emotional analysis of the causes of this problem.

I will help you understand and get a sense of the confusion by providing a diagram of relationships on a flipchart or by using chairs in the room.

Afterward, you will have a fairly precise understanding of the map of your reality and we can begin to define the changes that need to take place.


This is the only duty on Earth:
to change one’s clarity
without brooding.

Fernando Pessoa