Coaching and Consulting


The words “coach” and “coaching” are derived from the English term for carriage. The horse-drawn carriage later became the “motor coach.”

In other words, a coach is a person who can safely bring you from your point of departure to your destination.

Now very few people who start using coaching know precisely where they want to end up. Much more often, it’s a subtle feeling that something isn’t right; that things cannot go on the way they are.

That is why a coach’s first job is to provide a change of perspective from the immediate situation of feeling trappedto a perspective focused on a potential goal. And even if new challenges crop up along the way and create detours, the coach will always keep the desired goal in mind.

Coaching is never a movement “away from,” but rather “toward.”

The man who doesn’t know
where he wants to go
shouldn’t be surprised
when he ends up somewhere else.

Mark Twain